"Finally...Discover How You Too Can Create Stunning Webpage Elements Like Order Buttons and Header Graphics With Just A Few Clicks..."
No Creativity or Design Skills Required!

* Photoshop Required


From: Aurelius Tjin
Tuesday, 10:11AM
Dear Friend,

Imagine this...

Anytime you need a simple button, checkmark, or some other type of graphic, you just load up the product, spend a few minutes clicking around until you have just the right "look". Then you save the image into your website. All within minutes.

I realize that you might have a designer that you already use, but I'm sure you don't like to always pay for a few simple graphics that should really only take just a few minutes. And in a lot of cases you end up waiting a day or two for the designer to do a 5 minutes job.

The problem is, you probably don't know HOW to do the simple job yourself or else you would do it. Well now you can with the 'ElementsEase' package.


* Photoshop Required.

With the ElementsEase package, there's:

No need to pay a designer for a simple job.
No need to wait on the designer to finish the job.
No need to struggle to figure out just how to do it yourself.


Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get in The Minisite Ease Package...


Package 1: Over 20 Killer Templates...


2 headers (780 pixels wide and 700 pixes wide) . They can be resized to any size you want. You can change the colors and effects with a few clicks.


2 footers (780 pixels wide and 700 pixes wide) . They can also be resized to any size you want.

3 order buttons (2 of them in 2 sizes). Can also be resized to just the perfect size for your site.

2 buttons (in 3 sizes each) . Also resizable and customizable.

6 Badges, Seals, and Stars . Create all kinds of signs out of these.

5 Visual Headings. Break up your site into sections and make the text stand out. The text is fully editable and you can write what ever you want.


Package 2: Over 50 Design Shapes...

These are simple shapes without all of the extra "little touches" like in the templates above.


These are simple blank shapes for a variety of different website graphics elements. You get shapes for things like check marks, bullets, arrows, order button, badges, etc.. All you have to do is add a layer style to these shapes, and you have a graphics element ready to go in minutes.

Very simple and effective. All it takes is a few clicks.


Just like the more complex templates in Package 1, you can customize and mix and match these shapes in hundreds of different ways. For example, you can stick a check mark on top of a circle and have a more complex graphic. You can drag multiple shapes into one image. Add your own text on top of these shapes. Add images to the shapes. Add these shapes to the templates in Package 1 and more.


These are vector shapes, which means that you can resize them to be as big as you want, or as small as you want and it would still retain its quality. You can even use them for print graphics, and they won't lose their quality.


And it gets even better. Secure your copy today and I'll also make sure to include this special bonus


** Special Bonus **

100 Layer Styles and Effects Pack

These are Photoshop Layer styles. What they do is they basically add a "style" to any object with just a click of a mouse. All you do is you select the object (shape, text, what ever) and you click on the layer style. And that object transform before your eyes.

The templates in Packages 1 and 2 were all created using these layer styles. Using these layer styles is the easiest way to spice up your graphics. And by the way, this is a brand new set of layer styles that I created specifically for this package.

This Bonus is Yours To Keep!

* Compatible with Photoshop

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Is that fair or what?

So the big question is...

How Much is All This Worth To You?

Here's the blunt truth - you could either get a professional designer to design these simple webpage elements for you for about $20 a piece, OR you could save a lot by grabbing this ready-made package filled with all the elements you'd ever need.

I want to make this package as affordable as I can so that I can see you use and make the most of this package, so I came up with a price of........



$9.97 Only!

But don't let the low price fool you.  This is a top notch product that can easily sell for $47. 

To own your copy, simply click on the link below...

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Yes, Aurelius! I want to take advantage of the ElementsEase package so I can start adding these professional graphics that'll get more attention to my site!

I understand that I'll have instant access to this product and will be able to use it right after I order...

Valued at: $47.00

Sale Price: $9.97

To The ElementsEase Package and Bonuses

REQUIREMENTS: Photoshop Required.

To Your 'Unstoppable' Success,


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